Putting Down Roots

Since the inception of the Rabbit Room community, we’ve believed that real relationship requires more than merely an online exchange of ideas. The last decade of creative work has taught us that an exchange of ideas needs to be accompanied by shared laughter, by the satisfaction of a shared meal, by the joy of friendship. We’ve realized the power of bringing big ideas into three-dimensional space inhabited by flesh and blood people. In other words, we believe in the importance of place.

To that end, we’ve dreamed of the day when the Rabbit Room would be embodied in a physical space of its own, moving these hopes from theory into practice. 

Now we have that opportunity.

North Wind Manor

Imagine, just south of Nashville—a city brimming with authors and artists and musicians—a beautiful farmhouse on four acres. There’s a group of writers meeting every Tuesday. On Thursday nights there’s an intimate concert. On Wednesday evenings there’s a Bible study with a potluck dinner. When theologians or authors pass through town there are symposiums and lectures, open to the community. Some days people drop in to browse the library and sit on the porch. It’s close enough to Nashville to be part of the community, but just far enough away to provide a real sense of peace. 

From an operational standpoint, the Rabbit Room is bursting at the seams. With the Local Show, and Hutchmoot (now US and UK), and the podcast network, and all the other spokes on the wheel, we need office space for staff and room for growth. 

Why Here?

After researching the area, the board determined that renovating North Wind Manor, a 130-year-old farmhouse, was the best and most financially responsible way to accomplish all these goals. The house was our base of operations for three years, but after dealing with plumbing disasters, leaks in the roof, an utter lack of insulation (you can actually see your breath in the winter), and insurmountable list of repairs, the board determined that the only way to make it work was a deep renovation. 


Since launching the fundraising campaign, the generosity of our donors has helped us begin to shape this dream into a reality. Where there used to be a ramshackle shed and a tangle of old rusty tools and briars, there’s now a beautiful operations center—which we’ve called The Barn. Upstairs, there’s an office for staff meetings and planning, and downstairs there’s—at last—a functioning shipping office for the daily orders we get for the Kingdom-minded music, books, and art that we support. Where before we had to pay $1k per month for storage, we now have storage capacity for the Rabbit Room Press books. 

Renovations for the Manor itself are nearly complete, with an estimated August 2020 completion date. This house is going to be wonderful place to cultivate hospitality, creativity, and rest. As we move into modeling and furnishing the space to shape that atmosphere, we’re grateful for any continued support and donations from those who believe in our mission to foster spiritual formation and Christ-centered community.

Why Now?

The Lord has led us to this place. We're ready to get to work. We're ready to open the doors and be a blessing to the community. We hope you’ll consider helping us build something that will last, something that will serve the Kingdom for years and years to come.

If you have any questions about the property or the campaign, please contact us at info@rabbitroom.com..

If supporting the Rabbit Room by check, please mail it to us at:

3321 Stephens Hill Lane,

Antioch, TN, 37013

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