North Wind Manor

Since the inception of the Rabbit Room community, we’ve believed that real relationship requires more than merely an online exchange of ideas. The last decade of creative work has taught us that an exchange of ideas needs to be accompanied by shared laughter, by the satisfaction of a shared meal, by the joy of friendship. We’ve realized the power of bringing big ideas into three-dimensional space inhabited by flesh and blood people. In other words, we believe in the importance of place.

In service of this dream—and with the support of many generous donors—the Rabbit Room rebuilt North Wind Manor, a 130-year-old farmhouse that served for several years as our base of operations. The manor has been transformed into a beautiful space for community that honors and incorporates both its local and organizational history—a place where the Rabbit Room can host a variety of programs and events aimed at cultivating writers, musicians, and artists to meet as they hone their craft and encourage each other; a place of peace, where we can offer ministers and artists space to rest and rejuvenate, within easy reach of the Nashville community. And for the public, the Manor provides a wonderful facility in which we can host lectures, concerts, and other events. In short, it's a place where art nourishes community, and community nourishes art.

The Lord has led us to this place and has already begun using it in great ways. We’re ready to get to work, and we can't wait to see what else He has in store.

North Wind Manor is situated in a residential area and is available for visiting only through official Rabbit Room events. Check out recent event announcements on the blog or email us at [email protected] with questions!

Current Needs

At the Rabbit Room, we believe in the holiness of hospitality. We want to do more than simply maintain a building—we want to approach this calling by generously investing in the land, the local community, and each person who shares the space. 

Abundant hospitality goes beyond the regular needs of repair, cleaning, utilities, and supplies. At North Wind Manor, landscaping means not simply keeping the grass cut, but intentionally investing in beauty with flowers, paths, and trees to offer rest and restoration long after those who planted them are gone. Hosting means not just keeping the lights on, but shaping programs and events with good food, with flowers in spring, and with fire in winter. Investing in the community means becoming locally sourced—tea from the British tea shop down the road, food from local farmers, and wood from local wood cutters. Every piece of this place has been intentionally crafted to bless those God has called us to serve.

We hope you’ll consider helping us in our call to place and community, and we believe North Wind Manor will continue serve the Kingdom for years and years to come.

If you have any questions about the property or the fund, please contact us at [email protected]..

If supporting the Rabbit Room by check, please
include "North Wind Manor" in the memo line and
 mail it to us at:

3321 Stephens Hill Lane,

Antioch, TN, 37013

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